Clemence Media – FZE is a Media Consultancy startup based in Ajman – UAE, focused on reshaping businesses to make sure they are operating and presented perfectly, through well-built services to furnish business needs.
Clemence is an evergreen beautiful rose, similar to how we see businesses, a blossom that we can take care of, to bloom and prosper.

Our values define who we are.
A key to a business sustainability is transparency, to avoid confusions and complications.
Client service
Trained to providing 5 stars client servicing, understanding the client’s request and needs, listening carefully and being responsive. Aiming at giving an amazing work experience to our clients.
The most important part in any relationship is respect, by which we can maintain a sustainable business relation with our clients, so we can grow and prosper together.
To win a job is something, but dedication to deliver high caliber work on time, is what we are focusing on.

Let’s make something together.